Bella Cake Pop Maker

Bella Cucina Cake Pop MakerMakes: 6 Cake Pops Per Batch

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If you have never used the Bella Cucina cake pop maker, you are in for a real treat. This simple to use machine makes delicious cake pops and donut holes that the kids absolutely adore. We use ours all the time, especially like to create unique cake pops for every occasion. In fact, we have used the cake pop maker on a number of occasions for birthday parties and other gatherings; it really is a lot of fun.

The cake pop maker has a non-stick finish which means your cake balls never stick to the surface. It is basically a small little cooker that you fill with cake batter and the preformed molds produce perfectly moist and fluffy cake balls in a matter of minutes.

These little balls of cake are always a hit with the kids, but they are also, quite surprisingly, an adult favorite as well. I have used both the Bella cake pop maker and the Babycakes cake pop maker to make gorgeous cake pops for baby showers and office birthday parties. The trick to making a stunning presentation is to really think about how you want to decorate the finished cake pop.

You can easily tint a regular icing recipe or even store bought tubs of icing in order to get beautiful pastel colors, but if you want more vibrant colors, you should consider using paste food color; these food colorings are readily available in most craft stores and produce professional looking results.

When you tint your icing colors to match the occasion, you can create an amazing display of these delicious little treats. In fact, after you have dipped the ball in icing or chocolate or vanilla coating, you can get really creative with all the fun edible glitters and other embellishments now available. These little extras really add to the fun and festivity of a beautiful display.

There are several different cake pop makers available, but I have found the Babycakes brand to be the best I have ever used. I like the fact that the dough balls are a little smaller, which makes them easier to handle and truly creates a nice bite-sized treat.

Some of the other machines make fewer balls at a time and their balls turn out to be much larger. These larger balls can be a little tricky to eat without making a mess, especially for the kids, because they can crumble when you bite into them.

This product is currently out of stock. Click here to check

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