Tasty Treats Cake Pop Maker

tasty treats cake pop maker

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I did not know what a cake pop was, let alone a cake pop maker, until I tried one. Cake pops are doughnut holes on a stick, decorated for fun occasions. I do not live under a rock, but I had never heard of cake pops, which is surprising because I am a professional cake baker. I make large cakes, small cakes, cupcakes, wedding cakes, cookies, 14 varieties of brownies, frostings, chocolate ganache—well, you get the picture. I stay so busy that I seldom shop or watch television, so cake pops came as quite a surprise.

The Tasty Treats Cake Pop Maker can bake these little gems in four minutes. Insert sticks in the balls and transfer to the freezer to cool and set. In 15 minutes they can be iced, dipped, or sprinkled with powdered sugar. The whole process can be accomplished in 30 minutes, and these trendy little gems are great for parties, weddings, showers or entertaining. Cake pop makers can also be used to bake healthy doughnut holes without grease for frying and the dangers deep-frying can generate.

Kids love these bite-size morsels, and a box of cake mix makes six-dozen cake pops or more, so youngsters can experiment with cake decorating techniques to their hearts’ content. I enjoy the ability to test out new recipes without wasting a lot of ingredients. I can make recipe alterations and determine the result in four minutes. A cake pop maker is the perfect tool for kitchen experimentation.

The little baking machine not only makes cakes but also bakes crab balls, meatballs, and hush puppies. Whenever I try to fry hush puppies, they come out delicious but expand in the hot oil into weird shapes. The cake pop maker produces perfectly round hush puppies bursting with flavor. Cleaning is a breeze, and children can handle the baking chores since the machine is very intuitive.

I started with the Tasty Treats version and decided to buy a new machine to use at the bakery. I determined to try a different brand out of curiosity and invested in the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker. My gosh, it beats the Tasty Treats for speed and convenience and bakes perfect cake holes in three minutes. Both versions include non-stick plates, ready lights that indicate when the machine has preheated, and power lights to indicate the machine is operating. Babycakes brand offers a more complete line of accessories for decorating, so bakers can create dramatic and colorful pops worthy of professional gift baskets.


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